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Exhibit Zone: The Glass Display Cases

The Circle Circle is a group of women Artists in and around Athens Ohio. The group was started in response to the Pandemic. We no longer had opportunities to sell our work, travel to shows, or network with our friends and customers.  We had no idea how long it would last and how to navigate this new normal.  Since we live to create and depend on sales for our income, we were hit hard with the emotional aspect the pandemic presented.  Some of us were not able to get off the couch, let alone create.  Others couldn’t stop creating. We needed help in the form of community of other women artists who understand our particular dilemma.  

Circles are symbols of healing, love and support in most cultures.  Plus they are just so darn joyful and fun. The group was started hoping to study circles and use them in art to help heal our wounded souls.  We met online twice a week.  

The first activity was to simply cut circles out of anything. There didn’t need to be a plan for making anything with them. Just cut and meditate on how soothing and healing the action is.  Some of us cut circles out of everything. Others took a few weeks before they could take scissors to paper. We were all struck by calming this simple practise was.  And with that, we were off.  

We added more group assignments, based on the climate, our interests and skills. Each of us brought a different skill set, opinion and methodology for attacking our world.   The Circle Circle became a safe place for us to discuss our lives, to offer suggestions, support and  lifelines.  How can we help?  What did Amy say today? What stores are practising safe protocols? How can we help? How to apply for Unemployment? What’s for dinner?  Good movies on Netflix? 

We met safely outside,  every six weeks to present our assignments to each other, These opportunities to see each other in person and share our work were everything. 

This show is a collection of our work so far. We will continue to create as a group until we are all back at work doing what we love." -- Kelly Lawrence of Circle Circle