Yoga Nidra/iRest

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This is not a library sponsored event.

Purpose of Meeting

iRest ® is a way of meeting life. It is "a proven-effective approach to using yoga nidra meditation and deep relaxation techniques to overcome trauma." - Richard Miller, Ph.D. Its full name is Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra Meditation. It is a multi-faceted self-management approach well-suited for trauma survivors and chronic pain patients to manage their condition and improve quality of life.

It is a practice for deepening mindfulness and resilience. It is a process of inquiry, listening, and being with ourselves and life in a connected, rich, welcoming, grounded way. It is a connection of the outer with the inner.

Its core principles include:
Learn to be welcoming
Stop judging yourself
Know that everything is a messenger
Accept what is
Know that you’re always doing your best
Understand the law of awareness
Discover your non-separate wholeness