The Other Trail of Tears: The Story of Ohio's Deportation of Indigenous Peoples

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Most of us have heard of the infamous Trail of Tears, but there was also a tragic story for indigenous peoples living north of the Ohio River.  


During the War of 1812, the Shawnee chief Tecumseh made a final effort with his Pan-Indian confederation (and in alliance with Great Britain) to preserve the Ohio lands and westward for native peoples. After he was killed, the British tried to secure a sovereign homeland for the native tribes through peace negotiations but failed. This left the indigenous peoples of Ohio on their own in dealing with the United States. 


This is the story of how peaceable American Indians were deemed too "uncivilized" to live among people of European ancestry, and how they worked for the best circumstances they could in the face of an unequal political situation.


Our guest speaker is Dr. Mary Stockwell, an award-winning historian and author of titles related to Ohio's history, including the featured book for this discussion, The Other Trail of Tears.