The Climate Crisis: Seeking Real Solutions

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Purpose of Meeting

What the Public Needs to Know About Recent Proposals to Address the Climate Crisis

Since the passage of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, several ideas are being proposed to address the climate crisis. Before we rush into implementing proposals that will be financed by citizens tax dollars, we need more information. Which technologies will work and which are just providing fossil fuel corporations with reasons to continue using carbon-based fuel use? How can we as individuals and communities push back against more extraction and false promises?

Randi Pokladnik is a retired research chemist and educator. She volunteers with several grassroots environmental organizations including: Save Ohio Parks, FaCT Ohio, Ohio Valley Environmental Advocates, Citizens Climate Lobby, and Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action. She has been active in environmental issues since 1973 and is an avid writer. She has an AAS in Environmental Engineering, a BA in Chemistry, MA and PhD in Environmental Studies.