Feminist Foremother: Mary Wollstonecraft

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Mary Wollstonecraft was so ahead of her time in her self-determination as a woman and in her championing of human and women's rights, that many on both sides of the issue called her a "freak."  She sought to teach a better way of thinking and being, both as a governess educating children, and as a writer of philosophical tracts seeking to reform human society and free it from superstition and misogynistic prejudice.  Her lucid, beautifully-reasoned writings are now becoming more appreciated, which range from well-researched journalism on the unfolding French Revolution, epistolarian literature, and essays on social injustices, such as the lack of remunerative intellectual employment opportunities for capable educated independent women.  This presentation and discussion will focus on her key feminist work, A Vindication of the Rights of Women, as well as her storied life as an 18th century heroine.


Our guest speaker will be Dr. Linda Zionkowski, current holder of the Samuel and Susan Crowl Professorship in English Literature at Ohio University.


Please register for this event online or by contacting a librarian. Copies of the book will be available from local libraries and interlibrary loan.