Author Visit: Wild Fish of the Central Appalachian Waterways

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Join expert guide Stuart A. Welsh, a fisheries research scientist with the US Geological Survey’s Cooperative Research Unit Program and an adjunct professor of ichthyology at West Virginia University. He is also the author of the new book Hornyheads, Madtoms, and Darters: Narratives on Central Appalachian Fishes (Ohio University Press), which we'll have available for sale and signing.

Statement from the publisher:

"A nature lover’s paradise, central Appalachia supports a diversity of life in an extensive network of waterways and is home to a dazzling array of fish species. This book focuses not only on the fishes of central Appalachia but also on the fascinating things these fishes do in their natural habitats... Stuart A. Welsh’s essays link central Appalachian fishes with the complexities of competition and predation, species conservation, parasitic infections, climate change, public attitudes, reproductive and foraging ecology, unique morphology, habitat use, and nonnative species. The book addresses... lampreys, gars, freshwater eels, pikes, minnows, suckers, catfishes, trouts, trout-perches, sculpins, sunfishes, and perches."




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